Caricatures by 

Mike Dooley 

(314) 831-4694

Mike does his party caricatures in black on 11X14" card index stock, suitable for framing.  Color can be added if requested by the client.  "If the people don't dawdle," Mike can draw between 15 and 18 caricatures per hour.

Mike's philosophy:  "I'm a big part of the "party atmosphere" I'm an Ice Breaker.  My caricatures add a dimension of fun to any event, whether it's business or private.

Mike Dooley will travel.

After schooling at Ohio State University's School of Fine Arts and
running the gamut of Art Studios and Newspapers in Columbus and Cleveland
Mike worked in the Regional Ad department of an international retail
giant until the company and Mike went out of the retail business in 1982. Thus was born a professional caricature artist.


To "personalize" special occasions a client can send photos and a theme and Mike can render a caricature in full color to any specified size, also suitable for framing.

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